BNN Commodities with Andrew Bell – Get real: Time for an adult conversation on legalizing drugs, says law professor

Bill Bogart, law professor at the University of Windsor and author of "Off the Street: Legalizing Drugs," says the war on drugs has imposed brutal costs on society. He argues that it's time to move toward legalizing other substances, but with a public-health approach aimed at reducing use.

CBC Radio Windsor Morning with Tony Doucette – Bill Bogart on ending the war on drugs

With marijuana legalisation expected soon, UWindsor law prof Bill Bogart says Canada should "permit, but discourage" all drugs. We spoke to him about his new book, called "Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs."

How Do We Tell Kids Who Vape It's Just as Dumb as Smoking?

In my last post I discussed the good news about falling rates of smoking, particularly among teenagers. In the U.S. those rates are now down to single digits. These shrinking levels among young people are especially positive because if a person doesn't smoke before their 20s they are unlikely to ever be a regular smoker.

But something else is happening with the young ones: they are vaping in rapidly increasing numbers. Depending on how you look at kids and their taking to e-cigarettes, two very different views emerge

Will We Ever End Smoking?

There's good news and bad news about smoking. Recent statistics reveal that consumption rates are at record lows and appear to be dropping even further. And, as those rates fall, the menace of second-hand smoke also recedes. But these positive developments come at a time when new evidence warns that cigarettes are even more hazardous than we have thought. And the use of e cigarettes, with the dangers they may pose, is rapidly increasing among teenagers (I'll deal with e cigarettes in a future post).

So to end smoking and the many costs it imposes on this continent, let alone elsewhere in the world, much remains to be done.