Pushing Back Against Fat-Shaming Is In Fashion

The lives of fat women are not easy. (Fat, rather than obese, is the preferred term for some in the overweight community. I use both.) The chances of getting a job and progressing in a career are significantly diminished for obese women. We need more women in corporate leadership. There are scarcely any fat females in these positions. The obese, generally, face all manner of discrimination and stigma.

But there are hopeful signs that fat people and their allies are pushing back against the prejudice that surrounds them. In the past few years there have been a spate of books dealing with these issues. Two of these are Deborah Rhode's "The Beauty Bias" (2010) and Amy Farrell's "Fat Shame" (2011). They, and several others, document such discrimination and call for constructive ways to address it.

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