'Thinner and Cuter' Women Get Better Jobs and Higher Pay

Women have come a long way -- and have some way to go. The wage gap, numbers of corporate directors, child care responsibilities are just some of the issues where more progress is needed in the workplace alone. Another is the harsh judgment of the obese, especially females

This month's Atlantic has a sobering feature on the fate of fat women and their careers -- fat is the preferred term for some in the overweight community; obese being viewed as medicalized and perjorative. I use both terms.

According to U.S. statistics, a woman who is thin makes more money but the opposite tends to be the case for men. Overweight and obese men, not shielded from discrimination themselves, are, nevertheless, well represented among CEOs. There should be more women as CEOS, generally, but those who are overweight/obese are drastically underrepresented. One study, mentioned in the Atlantic, suggests that, in terms of economic impact, obesity imposes costs on women that are twice as much as those borne by men; much of this difference stems from the depressed wages of fat women.

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