This Report on Obesity Has Good Points and Bad Conclusions

The Fraser Institute is an organization that progressives love to hate. Its embrace of the market as the great provider and sorter of almost everything makes it an easy target for those of us who want government to deliver public goods and to ensure basic equality in this society. But even the misdirected sometimes get some things right. Such is the case with the Institute's recently released Obesity in Canada: Overstated Problems, Misguided Policy Solutions.

The Report makes lots of good points. Here are four: First, it is right to call for everyone to take a breath about the "obesity crisis." There is evidence that the numbers of those who are obese are far from skyrocketing; in some instances they may be leveling off or even declining. Second, it points to the many weaknesses of using BMI (Body Mass Index) to assess the extent of and dangers for individuals being overweight. Third, it is correct to question the extent to which obesity is associated with health issues. There are genuine concerns but the some of the negative consequences have been overstated...

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